Hello and welcome to my website.

I am a lover of all things voice, especially if it involves both a challenge and some creativity.

I enjoy designing training for different groups of adults who want more pointers to both safe and effective voice use, whether that be for presentations or education, for singers or workshop leaders. I would want to help you find your own authentic style when speaking and when singing, reduce limiting and damaging habits and experiment with new choices to maximise your potential.

Inspired by working across the whole of a community, I have worked with groups driven to achieve high standards and those with complicated or challenging needs.

For the purpose of the website I have separated out my work into:-

  • Creative work, where I am creating things without necessarily knowing the outcome.
  • Therapeutic work, where the principle I am relying on is that voice work is a really deeply healthy activity.
  • Training, where I have been given a required and absolute outcome.

The last web page gives you some pointers to other practitioners I would recommend who have a similar inclusive ethos.

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